Based in beautiful Bend Oregon, Floe Mask Company was created to bring the community the highest quality and fashionable masks available. You do not have to settle for boring utilitarian masks that do not allow you to express yourself.  We manufacture all of our premium masks in house and strive to offer a truly superior product designed to be safe, durable, and fashion forward.

Thank you for supporting a small American company.


After doing in-depth research into the most effective mask materials and construction, we created this design that meets the highest standards available to date. Our masks are fabricated using a multi-layer combination of tightly woven premium cotton. We also include an additional internal layer of cotton flannel that further filters the air you breathe as well as an internal nose wire to ensure a snug fit to your face. Our design provides an option for enhanced protection by also including an additional filter pocket. 

Floe masks are breathable, attractive, and most importantly designed with your safety and health in mind.